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Digital Radiography in Harker Heights

Reduced Radiation, Radical Results

Digital radiography has raised the bar for diagnostic tools in dentistry. Capturing scans of inner workings of patients’ oral structures digitally is quicker, more comfortable, and requires less radiation exposure compared to traditional x-rays. While these advantages are extremely important, perhaps the most significant impact digital radiography has for patients is providing a higher definition image. These clear scans of patients’ jawbone, teeth, and other supportive features allow our team to examine current oral health and existing restorations to discuss ongoing care and treatment planning with patients while clearly displaying the images on a chairside monitor where we can make adjustments and zoom in on specific areas as needed. Traditional x-rays took significantly longer to develop and offered lower quality images that couldn’t be adjusted for better views and clearer expectations. Digital x-rays help our dental team help patients better understand their oral health and treatment planning.

What We See Is What We Get

At Market Heights Family Dental, digital radiography has completely transformed the x-ray process. Digital x-rays are simple to capture and expose patients to up to 90% less radiation. A small sensor placed in the mouth emits a small amount of radiation and create images that are immediately viewed. These scans are much clearer than traditional x-rays allowing us to more accurately pin point areas of concern and provide more targeted feedback to improve at-home hygiene and ongoing care. Best of all, digital files are easily stored, transferred to insurance providers or dental specialists, and can be compared from year to year to see changes in oral health quickly for earlier diagnosis of common health concerns.

All told, digital x-rays offer incomparable advantages when compared with traditional radiography: convenience, comfort, safety, reduced environmental impact, and improved patient care, education, and treatment planning. Let us show you the difference digital radiography can make in your oral health care during your next visit. If you’re a member of the Harker Heights community, nearby Fort Hood, or all of Bell County, we encourage you to contact our team to schedule a preventive dentistry checkup today.