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Tooth Extractions in Harker Heights

In most cases, our team works in partnership with patients to preserve natural teeth, but that’s not always possible. If our team determines extraction is the right solution, we’re happy to schedule an appointment and work with patients to develop a tooth removal and replacement plan. The best way to avoid tooth extraction is to maintain regular preventive checkups with our Harker Heights dentists and team. Contact us to schedule a six month checkup today.

Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

Some of the most common reasons patients may need to have a tooth extracted include:

Wisdom Teeth – 3rd Molars

Typically between the age of 17 and 25, patients’ last set of teeth erupt into the smile. Commonly referred to as wisdom teeth, they are a third set of molars. When these teeth erupt, they may lead to a number of oral health concerns including crowding that may misalign teeth or they may be unable to erupt for the jaw line at all. We recommend patients receive a wisdom tooth evaluation and consultation around the age of 11. We’ll examine the current state of developing third molars and make recommendations for ongoing periodic evaluation and possibly preventive extraction.