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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know when it’s time to come in for a checkup?

The American Dental Association and the team at Market Heights Family Dental encourage patients of all ages to visit our team at least two times each year. In some cases, patients may need to visit us more often, but we’ll let you know right away and adjust your personalized treatment plan to ensure you maintain the optimal level of oral health. Checkups and professional teeth cleanings are essential because they allow our team to prevent many common oral health concerns and diagnose and treat others conservatively in their earliest stages. Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup from those hard to reach parts of teeth that even the most thorough daily brushing and flossing routine may miss.

What precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?

We are dedicated to following (and in many cases exceeding) those standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This includes sterilizing and resealing reusable instruments in a state of the art sterilization unit, disinfecting treatment rooms between patients, and taking advantage of disposable products when cost effect and environmentally conscious. Additionally, our team members will always wear disposable gloves and masks when working with you and your smile.

My gums bleed after I brush. Is this something to be concerned about?

Bleeding is never a good sign, but it may not be anything too serious. In some cases, brushing or flossing too hard can cause bleeding. Adjusting these hygiene routines with the help of our dedicated hygienists or dentists should fix this problem. Another cause of bleeding gums is periodontal disease. Damage in the earliest stages, gingivitis, can typically be reversed with more frequent professional cleanings and a few adjustments to your at-home hygiene routine. Left untreated, gum disease breaks down the supportive tissues that keep teeth anchored, causes oral infection, and commonly leads to tooth loss. In these more advanced cases, periodontitis, we may recommend a number of other treatment options.

I haven’t been to the dentist in years, and I’m ashamed to let a professional see the condition of my mouth. Is your team judgmental?

Absolutely not! We know that people may avoid the dentist for years due to fear, anxiety, lack of time, and a number of other issues. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. Instead, let the Market Heights Family Dental team be the first to congratulate you on taking steps to achieve and maintain your healthiest smile! We look forward to working with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that fits your goals, budget, and schedule.

What can you do to improve the appearance of my smile?

Every smile is beautiful, but if you’re unhappy with any aspect of yours, we’re here to help you get the picture-perfect smile of your dreams. We’ll start with a thorough evaluation of your smile, capturing x-rays and digital images, and discussing your goals. Once we have a full understanding of your smile and the irregularities you’re unhappy with, we can begin to plan for any number of cosmetic or restorative treatments to transform your smile for the better including porcelain veneers, Lumineers, teeth whitening, dental implants and more. We can even design a full smile makeover to combining any number of treatments to meet your needs.

Does my insurance cover that?

Dental insurance is diverse. Some policies cover only a small percentage of fees, while others cover 50% or greater. The more you or your employer pays for premiums, the better the coverage, in most cases. Generally, dental insurance covers some restorative and preventive procedures. Cosmetic treatment is not usually covered. We accept CareCredit and offer 90-day in-office financing to make esthetic dentistry affordable for all of our patients. If you have questions, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment in cash, local checks, and major credit cards. We’re all happy to work with third party financiers. In most cases, qualified applicants are able to receive low or no interest financing through CareCredit. Additionally, we offer 90 day in-office financing on many procedures.

I avoid dental visits because of this normal? Can you help?

Many of the patients we see each year experience some level of dental fear or anxiety. It’s perfectly normal. We work hard to help patients feel welcome and relaxed throughout treatment, but for those patients who need a little extra help relaxing, we offer dental sedation. Ask about your sedative options during your next visit.

Will my dental treatments hurt?

We work hard to use the most advanced dentistry techniques and technologies to ensure patient comfort. That includes using The Wand for no-shot delivery of local anesthetic to number treatment locations. We also offer a variety of sedation dentistry options to help patients relax and reduce discomfort. If you ever feel uncomfortable during care, please let us know! Each patient is different and we want to make sure you are comfortable.

Does your office use lasers?

We use laser dentistry on a daily basis. Lasers allow us to perform comfortable, precise treatments for gum disease, as preparation for dental crown placement, to cosmetically improve the appearance of “gummy” smiles, and more. Laser dentistry allows us to perform more minimally invasive procedures that reduce healing time significantly and typically do not require stitches.