Root Canal Therapy – Harker Heights, TX

Save Your Tooth From Extraction

Tooth decay and many oral health concerns gradually worsen smiles over time when left untreated. When decay progresses through the outer enamel and dentin layers of teeth to the underlying pulp, the resulting infection is painful. If you experience, a severe toothache centered on a specific tooth, dental sensitivity, discoloration of a single tooth, or puss, sores, or infection at the gum line, call us right away to begin repair your smile with root canal therapy in Harker Heights, TX.


Why Choose Market Heights Family Dental for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Dentists Dedicated to the Most Comfortable Care Possible
  • Advanced Technology in a Modern Dental Office
  • Relaxing Sedation Service Available

The Root Canal Process

Animated inside of a tooth used to explain root canal therapy process

While root canals have gotten a bad reputation for being painful, most people experience significant relief once the treatment is complete. The process typically takes two appointments to complete.

During the initial appointment with our emergency dentist, one of our dentists drills an access hole to the pulp layer of the tooth. Then, we remove the infected pulp and nerve tissue and refill it with a biocompatible substance. Then, we recommend the placement of a dental crown.