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Tooth-Colored Fillings in Harker Heights

Amalgam fillings set the standard in tooth decay and damage treatment for decades, but in recent years, dentists have started to shift away from amalgam filling material in favor of the more cosmetic and durable, tooth-colored, composite resin fillings. In addition to being exactly shaded to match the existing dental structure, composite resin fillings are a more conservative solution. Composite resin is bonded directly to the damaged tooth creating a durable connection between the teeth and fillings. Traditional amalgam fillings require a layer of dental cement to bond them into place. Overtime, this cement may breakdown allowing bacteria to buildup decaying the tooth. Additionally, amalgam expands and contracts with changes and temperature which may crack or fracture treated teeth.

Composite resin does not react to temperature changes and the material is directly bonded with teeth making it an ideal restoration option preserving natural dental structure for years with reduced risk for further dental damage. The treatment process is quick, painless, and simple. Typically, the entire process requires just one appointment. We may remove a small amount to enamel to prepare the tooth for treatment. Then, we apply the composite resin in a malleable form to the tooth shaping and hardening the tooth-colored material into position. If you’re interested in finding out more about composite resin fillings or you’re in need of a regular dental checkup, contact our Harker Heights team today. We’re happy to help.