4 Big Things to Know Before Starting Invisalign

February 8, 2024

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A dentist placing a clear aligner on a woman patient

What Invisalign entails can seem obvious at a glance. Doesn’t the treatment just mean wearing clear trays instead of metal braces? Still, many would be surprised by the procedure’s details. There really are a few things to know before starting Invisalign. If you don’t learn them ahead of time, your aligner journey may disorient you. Luckily, your Harker Heights dentist can share a few of these key details. Here are four big facts to know before you start an Invisalign treatment.

Oral Care Will Take Longer

Of course, Invisalign won’t have you cleaning between brackets and wires. You can remove the trays before you brush and floss. However, oral care will likely take longer than you’re used to.

Remember, you should brush and floss after each meal and before you reinsert the aligners. Skipping this step will leave your teeth caked with food debris and plaque. That said, the extra bit of hygiene will add to your teeth cleaning time. You’ll find yourself brushing (or flossing) in the morning, at night, and following between-meal snacks.

You May Get a Lisp

Invisalign trays add layers to your teeth, so it can affect your speech. The extra thickness in your pearly whites may lead to a lisp.

Luckily, this lisp usually isn’t a big deal. Most patients don’t even get it, while others find the change barely noticeable. Plus, learning to speak while wearing the trays lets you adjust. The result is that an “Invisalign lisp” usually fades within a few weeks. If it doesn’t, let your dentist know – you might have an issue with your aligners.

Invisalign Can Come With Accessories

Often, the Invisalign process only requires wearing clear trays on your teeth. Even so, there are exceptions to this rule. Some patients’ Invisalign journey may come with accessories.

You see, some Invisalign patients get attachments or “buttons.” These objects (when needed) will be bonded to the teeth as part of treatment. Since they’re made of composite resin, they help the trays grip individual pearly whites. The effect is that the aligners move the teeth more effectively. (Of course, the buttons are removed after treatment.)

Results Often Come Quick

True, the average Invisalign procedure takes a year. That’s the norm for regular adults these days. Regardless, you may see minor results in just a few months.

Depending on the dentist, you could accelerate your Invisalign journey. Many providers offer AcceleDent or Propel. The former is a device that accelerates the movement of your teeth. In contrast, the latter speeds things up by making small holes in the jaw.

You want to know what to expect from orthodontics. So, remember these things to know before starting Invisalign!

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