Your Dental Insurance Benefits Expire: Use It or Lose It!

September 30, 2016

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dentist in harker heights takes your dental insuranceBelieve it or not, we are quickly approaching the end of 2016. Your dentist in Harker Heights has just one question to ask: are you making the most of your dental insurance benefits? Most insurance plans start over at the beginning of each new year. Don’t let your benefits slip away before 2016 is over — most insurance plans completely cover preventive services like a checkup and cleaning every six months. Have you made the most out of your savings? Market Heights Family Dentistry accepts and files most dental insurance plans, and we have tips to help you cash in on your investment.

How Dental Insurance Works

We know understanding your dental insurance plan can be confusing, but we are here to help. You receive certain treatments free or at a discounted rate in exchange for your premium, or the amount you pay your insurance company each month. Most dental plans have an annual maximum, which is the amount your provider will pay for your care in a specific period — usually the calendar year. Your dental insurance will start over again in 2017, so make sure you take advantage of the benefits you are eligible for in 2016.

Finding Out About Your Eligibility

The key to maximizing your dental care is understanding what services you are eligible for with your plan. Contact your insurance company to find out exactly what services you are eligible for. If you are covered by your employer, you can also discuss your coverage with your human resources department.

Some of the questions you will want to ask regarding your dental insurance include…

  • Who is covered under my plan?
  • What services are completely covered? Which ones receive partial coverage?
  • How do I receive the discounts on my dental care?
  • What treatments have I received in 2016?

Prevention Is Key For Healthy Teeth and Gums

Regular access to preventive dental care is the best way to reduce the need for long, costly treatments later on. That’s why most dental insurance plans completely cover two checkups and cleanings per year. A set of x-rays may be covered annually, too. Have you had two six month preventive visits in 2016? If not, it’s a great time to call and schedule an appointment Market Heights Family Dental.

For a higher premium, your insurance plan may cover or heavily discount restorative and select cosmetic treatments, too.

Insurance and Market Heights Family Dental

At Market Heights Family Dental, we are happy to accept and file most dental insurance plans. Please get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable staff to discuss your coverage.

Schedule an Appointment Today

The busiest time of year for a dental practice is during October, November, and December. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment to maximize on your dental insurance benefits for 2016. Contact Market Heights Family Dental and let us know you’d like to make the most out of your dental plan today!

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