4 Good Reasons to Start Invisalign This Summer

June 7, 2023

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If you want to straighten your teeth hassle-free, odds are you’ve considered Invisalign. Its aligner trays are a great alternative to metal braces! Still, perhaps you haven’t settled on when to get treatment. In that case, though, you’re fortunate; there are good reasons to start Invisalign this summer! As such, now is the perfect time to begin your smile-aligning journey. Regarding the details, your Harker Heights dental practice can tell you more. Here are four relevant reasons for starting Invisalign in the summer.

No “Metal Mouth” in Trip Photos

Remember, summer tends to include plenty of trip photos. Such images help vacationers recall fond and fun memories. That said, regular braces don’t look great in pictures. They give you a “metal mouth” that distracts from the photographed moment. As a result, photos featuring them aren’t ideal for recalling exciting vacations.

Invisalign, however, doesn’t have this problem. Since its aligners are clear and subtle, they let you avoid the notorious “metal mouth.” Instead, your treatment will hardly draw any attention at all. You’d thus have a vacation-ready smile prepared at all times.

Hassle-Free Summer Eating

No summer is truly complete without its various seasonal foods. Whether it’s hotdogs, hamburgers, or traditional BBQ, these items are a hallmark of summertime. Unfortunately, eating them is tricky when wearing metal braces. The latter’s brackets and wires usually trap food bits, resulting in difficult teeth cleaning later.

Fortunately, Invisalign doesn’t involve food challenges. Its trays are made to be removed for meals and dental care. Consequently, the treatment won’t have you picking food from your aligners. You just need to rinse and brush the trays a bit before putting them back in your mouth.

Your Schedule Has Flexibility

In reality, an orthodontic procedure requires many appointments. Braces and Invisalign alike need expert follow-ups to work correctly. Even so, some patients lack the time for these sessions. Between work and school, their schedules are already jam-packed.

Luckily, summer’s built-in flexibility solves this dilemma. By reducing work and school commitments, it leaves people with more free time in their days. The season is thus ideal for booking the initial Invisalign treatment and its follow-ups.

Plainly, there really are good reasons to start Invisalign this summer. Therefore, go ahead and schedule treatment with your local orthodontist!

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