How to Honor Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April 6, 2023

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Two hands holding the ribbon for Oral Cancer Awareness Month

With April’s arrival, many people are looking forward to this month’s special occasions. These events range from Easter Sunday to Earth Day! Still, were you aware that April is also Oral Cancer Awareness Month? You’ll want to honor the afflicted this month and learn to combat this disease. Luckily, your Harker Height dentists can help. To that end, here are oral cancer’s signs, risk factors, and dental screening methods. Look them over to better prevent mouth-related cancers in the future.

What are Oral Cancer’s Signs?

Like any cancer, oral cancer involves uncontrolled cell division in certain body parts. Per its name, though, it specifically affects your lips, tongue, and mouth tissues.

In light of these features, oral cancer symptoms are easily mistaken for common mouth problems. They typically include persistent mouth sores, red or white gum patches, difficulty chewing or swallowing, loose teeth, and more.

What Are Its Risk Factors?

When assessing yourself for oral cancer, consider whether you have its risk factors. Doing so will help you manage and prevent it more effectively. With that said, the relevant risk factors are:

  • Tobacco & Alcohol Use: The carcinogens in tobacco products lead to oral cancer. At the same time, your body digests alcohol into acetaldehyde – a carcinogen that also triggers the disease.
  • Genetics: Females are more likely than males to contract oral cancer. Similarly, those with a family history tend to suffer from it.
  • Age: Children and young adults don’t often develop oral cancer. In contrast, those 60 and older are at higher risk.

You can’t prevent oral cancer with certainty, but addressing the factors above will reduce your odds.

How Does a Dentist Screen for It?

Should you display oral cancer’s signs and risk factors, see a dentist for help. They’ll screen you to confirm whether you truly have the disease.

An oral cancer screening is fairly straightforward. First, it starts with rinsing your mouth with a cleansing solution. The dentist will then use special tools to examine your mouth. If those same tools detect a problem area, a dental team will notice and diagnose it.

Even if the dentist finds you have oral cancer, don’t be alarmed. The condition’s early stages hold an 80-90% cure rate. If necessary, the dentist can even refer you to a qualified cancer specialist.

By learning the items above, you’ll respect Oral Cancer Awareness Month properly. You’ll then be better prepared to prevent mouth cancers in yourself and others!

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