4 Common Thanksgiving Foods That Benefit Teeth

November 17, 2023

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Foods that make up a rustic Thanksgiving dinner

True, holiday eating isn’t best known for healthiness. People tend to associate it with excess, family gatherings, etc. In reality, though, there are Thanksgiving foods that help teeth. Eating these items will strengthen your smile and boost your oral health. So, you’d be wise to get them as part of your upcoming feast. Luckily, your Harker Heights dentist knows a few you should try. Read on to learn four Thanksgiving foods that benefit your pearly whites.

Cheese & Nuts

On Thanksgiving Day, many people like to snack on cheese and nuts. This combo makes for a good appetizer! At the same time, though, it’s also quite good for your grin.

You see, cheese and nuts are smile-friendly in nature. They both contain calcium, a common mineral that strengthens your teeth. Plus, chewing nuts increases the saliva flow in your mouth. This increased flow can then wash away bacteria and prevent tooth decay.


Of course, no Thanksgiving is complete without turkey. (There’s a reason the holiday is also called ‘Turkey Day.’) Still, this dish is more than just traditional; it improves oral health as well.

In reality, turkey is packed with nutrients that help chompers. One of these is protein, which promotes tooth growth and prevents decay. Another is phosphorus – a mineral that can strengthen your grin’s enamel. Therefore, you can trust Thanksgiving turkey to be tasty and mouth-healthy.

Green Beans

Even on Thanksgiving, not everyone is a fan of veggies. However, you should try to eat green beans. These vegetables can make your mouth even healthier.

Truthfully, green beans are one of the best foods for oral health. They’re high in vitamin A, which keeps your mouth’s soft tissues functional. The vitamin also encourages saliva flow that removes bacteria. As a bonus, green beans also strengthen gums with vitamin C.

Pumpkin Pie

Yes, sweets normally don’t do a smile any good. That said, pumpkin pie is a relative exception. It could benefit your pearly whites if you’re careful.

Compared to other pies, pumpkin pie is good for teeth. It has less sugar than blueberry or apple varieties. Also, the dessert has calcium for strong enamel and vitamin C for gum health. Just ensure you don’t top the treat with whipped cream – you won’t benefit as much otherwise.

This year, make sure to eat Thanksgiving foods that can help teeth. To that end, remember the ones above and add them to your feast!

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